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From the Bird's Beak

checkin' out the space

checkin' out the space

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<steps inside, looks around, throws pink boa over shoulder>

So, this is livejournal, huh? Needs a paint job. A nice fresh coat of pink should liven up the place. And art. Definitely needs some Starsky & Hutch art. Guess I'll have to move some of my Suzan and Lorraine art over. And that 6-foot poster of the butt-pinch picture would fill up that blank wall nicely. A few ceramic flamingos would help, too. But I hear there are semi-regular power outages, so I'd better go get some of the heavy duty surge protectors, the ones with battery backup. Nothing worse than a power outage in the middle of vidding or writing. 

Still...that hollow echo is kinda creepy... Next time I think I'll bring the dogs...
  • Larry and I were taking bets as to whether or not you'd ever post. *g* Nice to see you out and about.

    I think that ceramic flamingo will look lovely in the corner by the 6-food picture.
  • Welcome to the wonderful world of LJ. I see you're mostly in the vid comms, but feel free to drop by the SH community anytime. It's where the fun is at :P
  • You definitely need a flamino icon. If I had any talent at all, I'd make you one... but I'm sadly incompetent when it comes to icon making.

    Oh, and hi!
  • Welcome! That's a pretty pink! And a great icon. ;-D Hope your dogs won't scare my cats. 'Course Starskitty will take them on!
  • Hey, I quoted you over in ci5hq in the discussion I started on AUs in Pros. It was an interesting point you raised at CQ.

    And welcome to LJ. Hope you like it here.
  • Oh hi, nice to have you here, Flamingo! :D
    I added you to my friends-list, I hope you don't mind!
  • Ha! You took the dive--and I found you! I've also friended you. *g* And I'm about to start that S/H story. Life is good, eh?
  • Oh, and since you just mentioned on VP that you're wondering who your LJ friends are... ;-) I'm Jen Hutchinson! ::Waves::
  • Welcome to LJ. Added you to my flist...hope you don't mind. :)

    Here's one for you...try hard drive failure after making six vids. Lost them all. I cried like a baby. External hard drive is my bestest friend now :)
    • hey, Cyn

      you lost SIX vids!!! I would've opened a vein. Were you able to reconstruct them? How did you survive that? (I hope you didn't lose Voodoo or Sway! I love those...and haven't had a chance to see a lot more of yours. I've got to do that.) I'll let you know as soon as I hear any reactions from the SH Gen Vid Show.
      • Re: hey, Cyn

        Yep, six vids. Lost all of them. It was for HCTB and I had to reconstruct them all by scratch. Two of the songs were better the first time I did them. Cried like a baby when it happened. Now, all my best stuff is saved onto external hard drive.

        You have those two vids...right? If not, let me know and I'll send 'em via megaupload. I've got a bunch up at Kassidy's site. She hosts them for me which is just great.

        Here they are:
        • Re: hey, Cyn

          There needs to be more HCTB vids. I deem it so. (Actually, I don't think I've ever seen any....hmm, I should look into that)
          • Re: hey, Cyn

            I thought about asking Kass if she'd allow for temporary hosting of them because I know a lot of people haven't seen them. Also, thought about YouTube. I don't have any S&H vids there, but I think I could get away with HCTB without worry.

            What do you think?
            • Re: hey, Cyn

              If you don't feel comfortable with having them on YouTube, you could always just upload them to permanent file hosting sites (like Kass uses) and have a permanent LJ post with all the links. I was considering doing that for my vids now that my host is gone, but more than likely Kass will host them at her site (makes it easier).
  • Hi *waves* So I friended. Not that you probably have any idea who I am. I am on the VPGG...but I lurk. Honestly, I don't think I've ever said anything *hangs head*

    So feel free not to friend back if you don't want. Trust me I won't get offended.

    Hope you find you like LJ. It can be a bit batty here but I am sadly addicted to my LJ (unlike Myspace which I hate with the passion of a thousand hells) And wow, that was a bit harsh, but only too true.

    • delurking

      Glad to know you're on VP -- but why lurk? Is it the difference of speaking up at a party (VP) as opposed to speaking one on one (LJ). It's all illusion, of course -- love to see you post on VP. Come on out and play!
      • Re: delurking

        I'm not sure why I feel more comfortable on LJ. I've always pretty much been a lurker on lists. I think it's mainly because really, I don't have a lot to say. *shrug*

        However, even on LJ I don't often poke my head into other people's journals.

        I just wanted to let you know who was friending you. :) Particularly after you "Don't talk to strangers" post on VP.

  • Warning - you are about to be friended

    I have something of an identity crisis, but true_brit here is britwizz elsewhere, aka Nik (she of the long-suffering hubby at SHareCon last year).
    Delighted to see Your Pinkness here!
    • Re: Warning - you are about to be friended

      Britwizz! It's you!!! Give your hubby a good goosing for me. Miss you both!!!
      • Re: Warning - you are about to be friended

        Goosed by Flamingo ... it made his evening. I've sent him off to bed now, to nurse the bruise.
  • *waves and brings you a big cake*

    This is MK/K.M. Anderson/The Pointed Stick, better known as the girl who was Starsky in the Junior Conners' Quickie at SHareCons 2002 and 2004.
    • Re: *waves and brings you a big cake*

      Hey, kiddo! where ya been? We missed ya last year. Hope you can make the next one!
      • Re: *waves and brings you a big cake*

        I'm living in Europe now, so the chances of me making SHareCon are scurrently slim to none... Waaah! I missed you too, guys! I had to compensate by reading the con reports and eating a lot of chocolate that weekend.
        • Re: *waves and brings you a big cake*

          Europe??? Oh, no! You're just gonna hafta hitch a ride next year on a tramp steamer. Are you at least having a good time over there?
  • Hey! A familiar face!

    Greetings, Flamingo! Mystic Whim here. How ya doing? Love what you've done with the place!

    I've got a new golden retriever pup. Well, he's not such a little pup anymore. Isn't he cute? (Murphy, down boy! Leave that ceramic flamingo alone!) Sorry, he's still teething. (Murphy! Drop that boa this instant!) Hm. Maybe I should take him home and feed him. I don't like the way he's eyeing that wooden statue by the door there. What is that? A fertility god?

    (Murphy, come!) See ya later, Flamingo! Welcome to LJ!


    • Re: Hey! A familiar face!

      Whatever possessed you to name him MURPHY??? You'll be burdened with Murphy's Law for the rest of your life. Did you read "Marley and Me"? You must! Have you been writing anything lately, girl?
      • Re: Hey! A familiar face!

        Rofl! I didn't name him, my mother-in-law did. But Murphy's law does kind of fit. He's a handful.

        What's Marley and Me? And where do I find it?

        Believe it or not, The Box was the last thing I wrote. Real life's been a bitch and a half lately. I've got a few plot bunnies nibbling at my ankles though. Now, if only I could find the time to put them to paper...

        I hear you're working on Love Is Real! What a joy to hear! I tried to do a happy dance, but Murphy tried to eat my shoes, and knocked me over, and, well, it was a catastrophy. (I'd give a squeeeeee, but it makes Murphy howl.)

        Wow, with everyone moving in to LJ, I'm gonna have to figure out how to use this thing, huh? Geez, as soon as I start getting comfortable in one computer home, everyone ups and moves on me! Ack!
        • Re: Hey! A familiar face!

          I consider this more like a summer home or a fancy cabana -- I'm not leaving my permanent home. So, don't feel like you're tearing up roots -- you're just expanding. Go to amazon.com and type in "Marley and Me" under books. It's a great true story about a family living with the worst behaved dog in the world -- because they were idiots mostly and didn't train him, but the book is good.
  • Hey it's me, Kass. Ack all the pink, woman! Even for a Flamingo this is uh, hm.. just lovely :)
    LJ is kinda fun, I think, when you get used to it - it feels a little more intimate to me, somehow, what with my friends list reading me and me reading them. Cozy.
    See, you have comments!!
  • Flamingo icon

    Me again, Kass. If you like this icon, use it - I made it for you:

    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
    • Re: Flamingo icon

      WOW!!! I love it. Now all I have to do is figure out how to use it. Big kisses, Kass.
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