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From the Bird's Beak

crack-van rec: FAN VID: Testify

crack-van rec: FAN VID: Testify

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It's the last Friday of the month, and coincidentally the last day of the month, so I'm about to give up the wheel of the Torino, er, Tercel...uh...I mean Crack Van. But before I go, I wanted to leave SH fandom with something really special. I was lucky enough to get permission from vidders Morgan Dawn and Justine Bennett to post information and links to their amazing tape-era vid, Testify. Morgan was kind enough to post the vid to YouTube just to make it more accessible. I don't know how long it will be there, so be sure to check it out and download it if you like it. It would be great if you wanted to post some feedback about this beautiful vid. There is also information on how to access Morgan and Justine's two other unique SH vids at the crack van site.

My extensive review of this very special piece of vidding history can be found at crack van here. Don't miss the chance to see this wonderful vid.
  • Hi there!

    Surfing in from another fandom entirely (Pros), as I too yield a crackvan steering wheel to the next driver (but no, it's not a Torino, it's a Capri!), I just wanted to say thanks for that Testify rec. I came across it because I was reloading the crackvan page to check something. And there was history, and context, and I like both, so I read on.

    S&H is not something I know about, but there seems to be quite an overlap with Pros, so I know who they are, at least. And I am more a printed word person, so the whole vidding thing is a world I know nothing about. So the context under (and above) the LJ cut was really really helpful. Especially to me, based over here in the UK. Thanks.

    And I watched the vid, and I liked it :)
    • Testify vid comment

      Thank you so much for your comment! Pros and SH have a long history together and many fans switch back and forth. Lily K, a writer in SH and Pros, also vids in both and does wonderful vids. SH preceded Pros by just a little, and in Britain at the time it came out I understand it was sometimes referred to as the "British Starsky & Hutch," but I always assumed that was based on its popular appeal and buddy show context, not its actual content. But we share many mutual fans.

      Vids are a wonderful way to see new aspects of the show you love, and when you're a fan of an older show like SH and Pros, which will never have new episodes, it can bring many new insights to the show. I know of fics written because of certain vids, etc. And Pros, like SH, has a history of amazing vids. Przed, for example, has done Pros vids that just blow me away. Vids also can introduce a fandom to people unfamiliar with it, and sometimes "recruit" them into the fandom.

      thanks again for your thoughtful comment. Nice meeting you! Check out some more vids. (Crack Van's a good resource.) You'll like them!
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