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From the Bird's Beak

New zine announcement: Dark Side of the Moon by Dawnwind

New zine announcement: Dark Side of the Moon by Dawnwind

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Dark Side of the Moon, a novel by Dawnwind, will be available at SHareCon, and for mail order after the con. A brief summary follows. Please note the warnings at the end. We don’t have a final price for the zine, but expect this approx. 300 page novel with four art pieces in color will cost between $22 - $25. We’d like to gauge interest in the zine so we can give the printer an accurate count. If you think you might want to reserve a copy, either to pick up at the con or for mail order, please drop me a note PRIVATELY. You can contact me at flamingoslim at verizon dot net.

The former United States of America has dissolved into numerous countries, many of which are ruled by corporations and consortiums. In some of these independent fiefdoms, slavery is now legal. Initially used as a way to control the criminal population, vulnerable citizens are now being kidnapped, forcibly enslaved, sent to slave training facilities in Nevada, and later sold to the highest bidder in a demanding market.

Bay City, the capital of Southern California, is run by a corrupt corporation. Jack Dunfey, a dangerous mobster, plans to take over the BC government so he can control the West Coast underworld from a position of authority. Starsky and Hutch are detectives working under B.C.’s private Special Police force. Lovers since the academy, their relationship has been at odds over the last few years. They’re still two of the best cops B.C.’s ever had, and they’ve been trying to nail Dunfey for years without success. When Starsky gets a call from Hutch to meet him at one of Dunfey’s warehouses so they can arrest him, he doesn’t think twice about going. But Hutch isn’t at the warehouse when Starsky gets there. Fearing for his partner’s safety, Starsky acts impulsively and makes the biggest mistake of his life. Or was his mistake in trusting Hutch in the first place?

Dark Side of the Moon is a complex love story of approximately 300 pages, with a color cover and three color art inserts by Suzan Lovett and Flamingo. Edited and published by Flamingo, this slash alternate-universe novel also depicts non-consensual sex, BDSM, and graphic violence. It is not related to Dawn’s Bound to the Law universe. Age statement required.
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