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From the Bird's Beak

The S&H Advent Calendar needs YOU!

The S&H Advent Calendar needs YOU!

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christmas cat

At last! SHareCon is finally over for another two years. I can finally kick back and rest on my laurels! Emphasis on R-E-S-T-! Time to pull out the brand new chaise lounge that I never actually used this summer while planning the con. Now I can lay back and watch the trees turn color. Ah <heavy sigh>. Peace and quiet. Birdsong and puppy dog barks. Gently falling leaves drifting around. Nothing but rest and relax— What? What did you say, Cyanne? It's time for the SH Advent Calendar? Already? How can that be? It's not even Halloween!!!

Okay, okay! I'm on it.  <packing lounge away again> <digging through dusty Christmas boxes> Yes, I've got the reindeer bells. Right here. Yes, I've got the fake Christmas tree. It's all in these boxes! Spray pine tree scent. Fake snow. Star of David & menorah... All of it... Sheesh. Never thought I'd need it this early!

Okay. <claps hands> Heads up everybody. Announcement. I said— ANNOUNCEMENT!!!! (Yeah. I don't get to rest. You don't get to rest.)

Hard as it is to believe, it's time to start planning for the S&H Advent Calendar. <jingle, jingle> <spritz of pine tree scent> <tossing fake snow in the air> Ho. (No, that's not a personal comment. I'm just a little light on the jolly at the moment.) New fen may be asking, What's an Advent Calendar, Santa?

If you've ever been in the card/gifty stores around the holidays, you've seen those little Christmassy calendars with pretty pictures of angels and trees and creches and the Peanuts gang with many tiny numbered doors. The doors are numbered to represent each day in December prior to December 25, Christmas Day. You open one door every day, and when you do, you find a little surprise inside! A surprise for every day in December up to Christmas Day.

To celebrate the season SH style, we've set up a virtual Advent calendar on line with little "doors" you can click on to find an S&H themed surprise every day leading up to Christmas! We hope it will be filled with all kinds of euphoric sentimentalism and flat-out fun!

We have 24 days to fill, and that's where you come in! (You didn't think we were doing all the work by ourselves, did you? Un-unh. Cyanne's the webmistress and I'm the chief delegator, nagger, whipcracker, and all-around Ms. Christmas Spirit. People who know me even now are standing with their mouths open, dumbstruck.) We need lots of presents to make the calendar the most fun you can have on line with your clothes on. Or with Starsky's & Hutch's clothes on. Or off. You know what I mean. We need S&H fic of any length, poems, art, puzzles, games, picspams, drabbles, icons, wallpapers, or whatever presents you'd like to contribute so we can set them up as fun daily surprises! All genres welcome and encouraged.

We'll be opening the first door on DECEMBER 1, and would love to have the calendar set up early so we're not going crazy at the last minute like last year. (Who, us? Last minute? Never! Call us organized. Call us dreamers. Just don't call us late for dinner...) We're happy to have more than one surprise per day if we get enough submissions. Last year's calendar (which is still up here) was a delight with many surprises, so we'd love to make this another great S&H holiday season! This year's will be located here.

Special thanks to Enednoviel for running the calendar for several years and gifting us with her files. After doing it last year, we now really appreciate just how much work is involved. This year, we are connecting the Advent calendar through the S&H archive to a blog that will allow readers to comment on the "gifts" as they receive them. We're hoping this will encourage feedback and open communication between gifters and giftees.

Thanks in advance to everyone who plans to contribute. I have no idea what kind of cockeyed grumpy, I mean, cheerful, Christmas elf I'm gonna be this year (as I said...ho and ho and ho), but I hope to have very capable helpers in my workshop!!!

Submissions can be sent to advent@starskyhutcharchive.net.

(Cyanne, are you really sure it's time to start this? Before Halloween? <looks longingly at chaise lounge>)

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