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From the Bird's Beak

Hurricane Sandy and zine shipments

Hurricane Sandy and zine shipments

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christmas cat
Sorry for spamming everyone with this report. Hurricane Sandy is headed straight toward the Flamingo household. (We live near Washington D.C. in Maryland.) They are predicting tons of rain and very heavy winds for two or more days. They've shut down the Federal government (something that rarely happens) and everyone in my house has spent two solid days getting ready for the storm. They are predicting we may lose power for quite a long time. Needless to say, if we lose power, we're going to be dealing with potential flooding (we have an electric sump pump) and other problems. This is going to slow down zine and SHareCon shipments. I'm hoping things won't be as dire as they're predicting, but I did want to let everyone know what we're facing. Eventually, life will get back to normal, sooner, we hope, than later, and shipments will resume promptly. I hope everyone in the storm's path does everything they need to do, as we have, to be safe. I'll keep everyone updated.
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