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From the Bird's Beak

REMINDER: the Advent Calendar needs YOU!

REMINDER: the Advent Calendar needs YOU!

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christmas cat
I've been tied up with personal issues and am way behind on email. If you have sent me something for the Advent calendar and HAVEN'T heard from me, please contact me again. I've been receiving a few fun things...emphasis on a few. If we're going to fill up an advent calendar of 24 days, we need more gifts! I know some have contacted me that you're working on submissions and Cyanne and I thank you!!! We're working on a few surprises ourselves.

Remember, the Advent Calendar takes games, puzzles, podfic, stories, poems, drabbles, dribbles...well, maybe not dribbles...wallpapers, icons, artwork, travelogues, articles, or anything S&H-ish you'd like to share. These little gifts will brighten each day in December until Christmas...but only if our Christmas elves deliver the goods.

And while I'm begging...er, asking for help, I'm wondering if anyone would have the time and inclination to update our list of Christmas stories. We posted a list of gen and slash Christmas themed stories and a number of people helped update the list. You can find last year's list here.

I'd love to present the lists again with new additions, assuming there are any...and of course there are! Aren't there?

Only five days before the Advent Calendar begins! Don't let Santa show up with an empty bag. Send all submissions

advent at starskyhutcharchive dot net


Flamingo and Cyanne
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