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From the Bird's Beak

A New Challenge for SH Fans!

A New Challenge for SH Fans!

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Our first SH Big Bang (bigbang_s_and_h) netted us new stories that totaled almost 350,000 words. So, with summer drawing to a close, we thought this might be a good time to do it again. But this time, as Huggy would say, we "...ended up on the other side of a time warp in a parallel dimension where all things are the same...only different..."

Because we want this Big Bang to be the "same...only different", we've set up new LiveJournal (baycitybigbang) and Dreamwidth communities, and for those who are uncomfortable with those mediums, we've also set up an independent WordPress blog. (Check out Nicky Gabriel's cool graphic! As always, special thanks go to Cyanne!) Our sites can all be found under the name "Bay City Big Bang."

So, what is different about Bay City? Our Big Bang has a theme. We're hoping that suggestions for potential story lines will spark a healthy round of creativity in new and old fans alike. This year, our Big Bang is called "Starsky & Hutch, Present Tense." We want to go back to the future to find stories, art, and other creative endeavors that bring our boys and the other Bay City characters into today.

Fans have long expressed an interest in creating SH stories and art without being constrained by the 1970's. While we'll always love stories and art set during canon, many fans would like to modernize the guys. We want to showcase those ideas. If you've ever played with the notion of a modern S&H with the one and only Starsky and Hutch, here's your chance!

We discuss how these ideas might work on the LJ, Dreamwidth, and WordPress sites. We'll share some of our ideas in a follow-up post.
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