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From the Bird's Beak

S&H Present Tense: Parameters and Ideas

S&H Present Tense: Parameters and Ideas

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Starsky & Hutch Present Tense ...Where everything's the same...only different...

Rules and regulations can hamper creativity, so instead, let's discuss parameters. The main one is as simple as we can make it: submissions for Starsky & Hutch, Present Tense should take place now, today, or at the very least, in the new millennium. In other words, in modern times. Stories should be new and be at least 5,000 words long, but there is no limit on length beyond 5,000. You can put S&H into today's world at the same age they were in the series, or at any age you want. You can put them into today's world for portions of the story while dealing with related events that took place at an earlier time. AU's, crossovers, and fusions are all allowed. You can rewrite an episode, focusing on what would have to change due to modern technology.

How would this work? Here's what we're thinking:

Consider the impact on:

Vehicles: Does Starsky have to give up his Torino? Maybe not! Crime solving characters on TV today often drive vintage vehicles. Ricardo Tubbs in Miami Vice drove a blue 1964 Cadillac Coupe de Ville; in the '90's Nash Bridges drove a '71 Plymouth Barracuda and Forever Knight had a '61 Cadillac; today, the Supernatural brothers drive a '67 Chevrolet Impala. Would Starsky cling to his Gran Torino? Or would he be behind the wheel of a modern sports car with a flashy paint job? What would Hutch's squash-of-choice be? A used Prius hybrid or a beat-up old Jeep?

Weapons: What modern weapons would they carry? In this day and age, Hutch's Magnum might be considered too old-school.

Communications: They couldn't get away with the old "we-can't-hear-you,-Captain" routine over the car radio, could they? Or would they just claim to hit "dead spots" on their cell phones when dispatch wanted them? Fox Mulder lost his phone repeatedly, but Captain Dobey might not be so patient if Hutch kept throwing his away.

Technology: Forget the old giant-tape-drive computer banks in the show. How adept would they be with computers, smart phones, tablets, laptops, etc? Never mind Twitter! And how about Huggy? Can't you see him as a high-tech hacker? Would Minnie be the new tech guru at the precinct?

Potential story ideas: At a loss? Consider rewriting an episode! How would cell phones, computers, or modern laws and medicine change the familiar events in the Fix, Nightmare, Coffin for Starsky, Death in a Different Place, or Sweet Revenge?

Those are just our ideas! Go on, run with it!

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