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From the Bird's Beak

Plot possibilities...

Plot possibilities...

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Wondering where you might go with story ideas for S&H Present Tense? Here are some brief ideas we came up with.

Plot possibilities might include:

1. Rewrite a canon episode, focusing on what would have to change due to modern technology and sensibilities and how that would impact the story.

2. Put Starsky and Hutch (and as many characters and trappings from the show as you wish) into today's world at the same age as they were in the series.

3. Put S&H (etc.) into today's world at a younger age than they were in the series.

4. Put S&H into today's world at the age the actors actually are now (late 60's-70's – since we don't have a precise age for the characters, we can be flexible).

5. Put S&H into today's world at whatever age you want them to be for the purpose of the story. We're flexible.

6. Put S&H into today's world for portions of the story while dealing with flashbacks or other forms of art to relate events that took place at an earlier time.

7. Put S&H into today's world in any kind of AU you desire.

8. Put S&H into a futuristic world AU.

9. Cross S&H with modern TV shows and their characters.

10. Fusions: put S&H into modern or futuristic TV shows as the primary characters (without necessarily needing any of the other characters from that show).

Have some other ideas for the Big Bang? Let's discuss! The whole point of this Big Bang is to generate fresh ideas. Also, help us get the word out. Feel free to link back to the S&H Big Bang in any lists or communities where you think other fans might be interested.
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