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From the Bird's Beak

S&H Present Tense -- artists' parameters

S&H Present Tense -- artists' parameters

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If you are interested in producing art for our Big Bang, this post is for you!

The main parameter for artists is the same as for writers: art submissions for Starsky & Hutch, Present Tense should illustrate our guys in the world of today, or at the very least, in the new millennium. Artists can put Starsky and Hutch (and as many characters and trappings from the show as you wish) into today's world at the same age as they were in the series, at a younger age than they were in the series, at the age the actors actually are now, or at whatever age you want them to be. You can also put S&H into today's world in any kind of AU, or cross S&H with modern TV shows or create a fusion. As with stories, all genres, pairings, (including gen, slash, het, whatever) and styles are welcome.

Here are some other parameters:

1. Artists interested in creating art to support the Big Bang's theme that is independent of stories being posted can sign up when the writers do. This art can include wallpapers, banners, illustrations, icons, or any other type of artistic expression. Final deadlines for all art will be February 14.

2. Artists interested in creating art specifically for stories can also sign up when the writers do. However, artists won't be able to choose specific stories until the writers who want art for their stories have submitted drafts to the mods that are at least 75% completed. Once the mods confirm which stories are nearly complete, we will list the story summaries so that artists can then select them. This will, we hope, prevent artists from creating art for stories that may not be finished.

3. Artists may choose to do art for more than one story. It is also possible that a story might be chosen by more than one artist.

Questions? Ask away!
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