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From the Bird's Beak

S&H Present Tense -- PODFIC!

S&H Present Tense -- PODFIC!

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Anyone who'd like to offer a podfic, can record one of at least 1,000 words. There's no maximum word count. Podfic readers can also meet the minimum word count by recording more than one story. You can record ten drabbles, for example, but the total minimum word count should be at least 1,000. You can podfic as many stories as you'd like. Make sure you have the writer’s permission to podfic established stories or new stories written specifically for this Big Bang: http://fanlore.org/wiki/Blanket_Permission_to_Podfic

Stories should focus on or involve Starsky and Hutch in modern times. Since there are limited stories with this theme that already exist, podfic readers can claim the current crop of Big Bang stories (with author's permission). However, each story can have only one podfic. Podfic deadlines will necessarily be separate to enable readers to have time to read the new story.

Again, AU, fusions, and crossovers are welcome! Any rating and genre is welcome, including gen, slash, het, unusual pairings, etc. Collaboration is allowed and encouraged. Art for your podfic is not obligatory; if you don’t want it, or want to make it yourself, it’s okay.

Stories containing graphic sex involving children under 18 are not allowed unless child abuse or sexual crimes against children are a necessary component of a case plot. No one wants to be visited by the nice people at the FBI.

You are free to share your podfic anywhere you want after your posting date. There will be a separate section where podfics will be linked. If you aren't sure where to upload your podfic, you are welcome to upload the file(s) to the S&H archive.



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