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From the Bird's Beak

S&H Present Tense: our first promo vid!

S&H Present Tense: our first promo vid!

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Amazingly, we have our first VID promoting our Big Bang, Starsky & Hutch: Present Tense. (Check us out on LJ at baycitybigbang or Dreamwidth.) Huge thanks to Terri (shfan) for putting together this amazing video that pulls all of us, and the boys, too, from their time frame in the 1970's decade by decade into the present day.

Terri wants to give special thanks to Nicky Gabriel for the use of her art. The music is "Proioxis" by Mark Petrie.

Please respect the vidder's wishes and do not repost on You Tube or other sites.

The vid is available in three formats. To see the vid in the format of your choice, just right click and save:




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