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From the Bird's Beak

The S&H Advent Calendar needs you!

The S&H Advent Calendar needs you!

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I know on Me and Thee Dawn's been reminding everyone of the Secret Santa -- which reminded me about the Advent Calendar. Why, Cyanne was nagging...er, reminding me about that just last night! If you've never participated in the Advent Calendar, it isn't hard or a lot of work. It's just fun! We're looking for little gifts, the kind you would find behind the tiny windows of an Advent Calendar -- images, puzzles, jokes, little stories, games, comics, whatever little fun thing you can offer. We like both gen and slash gifts so everyone gets something every day. We celebrate Hanukkah, too -- though this year it starts on November 27, but we'll catch it before it ends on December 5. If you've never seen the Advent Calendar, you can go visit last year's here. Click on the doors, and the presents will open up!

There's plenty of time to think up some gifts. The Calendar starts on December 1, so it would be great if we could start getting gifts from now until mid-November. If we could get everything in by November 15, we'd be super happy. It's hard to believe Halloween is almost here, and the Christmas Catalogs are piling up already. How is that possible? I'm still gardening!
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