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From the Bird's Beak

checkin' out the space

checkin' out the space

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christmas cat
<steps inside, looks around, throws pink boa over shoulder>

So, this is livejournal, huh? Needs a paint job. A nice fresh coat of pink should liven up the place. And art. Definitely needs some Starsky & Hutch art. Guess I'll have to move some of my Suzan and Lorraine art over. And that 6-foot poster of the butt-pinch picture would fill up that blank wall nicely. A few ceramic flamingos would help, too. But I hear there are semi-regular power outages, so I'd better go get some of the heavy duty surge protectors, the ones with battery backup. Nothing worse than a power outage in the middle of vidding or writing. 

Still...that hollow echo is kinda creepy... Next time I think I'll bring the dogs...
  • Larry and I were taking bets as to whether or not you'd ever post. *g* Nice to see you out and about.

    I think that ceramic flamingo will look lovely in the corner by the 6-food picture.
  • Welcome to the wonderful world of LJ. I see you're mostly in the vid comms, but feel free to drop by the SH community anytime. It's where the fun is at :P
  • You definitely need a flamino icon. If I had any talent at all, I'd make you one... but I'm sadly incompetent when it comes to icon making.

    Oh, and hi!
  • Welcome! That's a pretty pink! And a great icon. ;-D Hope your dogs won't scare my cats. 'Course Starskitty will take them on!
  • Hey, I quoted you over in ci5hq in the discussion I started on AUs in Pros. It was an interesting point you raised at CQ.

    And welcome to LJ. Hope you like it here.
  • Oh hi, nice to have you here, Flamingo! :D
    I added you to my friends-list, I hope you don't mind!
  • Ha! You took the dive--and I found you! I've also friended you. *g* And I'm about to start that S/H story. Life is good, eh?
  • Oh, and since you just mentioned on VP that you're wondering who your LJ friends are... ;-) I'm Jen Hutchinson! ::Waves::
  • Welcome to LJ. Added you to my flist...hope you don't mind. :)

    Here's one for you...try hard drive failure after making six vids. Lost them all. I cried like a baby. External hard drive is my bestest friend now :)
  • Hi *waves* So I friended. Not that you probably have any idea who I am. I am on the VPGG...but I lurk. Honestly, I don't think I've ever said anything *hangs head*

    So feel free not to friend back if you don't want. Trust me I won't get offended.

    Hope you find you like LJ. It can be a bit batty here but I am sadly addicted to my LJ (unlike Myspace which I hate with the passion of a thousand hells) And wow, that was a bit harsh, but only too true.

  • Warning - you are about to be friended

    I have something of an identity crisis, but true_brit here is britwizz elsewhere, aka Nik (she of the long-suffering hubby at SHareCon last year).
    Delighted to see Your Pinkness here!
  • *waves and brings you a big cake*

    This is MK/K.M. Anderson/The Pointed Stick, better known as the girl who was Starsky in the Junior Conners' Quickie at SHareCons 2002 and 2004.
  • Hey! A familiar face!

    Greetings, Flamingo! Mystic Whim here. How ya doing? Love what you've done with the place!

    I've got a new golden retriever pup. Well, he's not such a little pup anymore. Isn't he cute? (Murphy, down boy! Leave that ceramic flamingo alone!) Sorry, he's still teething. (Murphy! Drop that boa this instant!) Hm. Maybe I should take him home and feed him. I don't like the way he's eyeing that wooden statue by the door there. What is that? A fertility god?

    (Murphy, come!) See ya later, Flamingo! Welcome to LJ!


  • Hey it's me, Kass. Ack all the pink, woman! Even for a Flamingo this is uh, hm.. just lovely :)
    LJ is kinda fun, I think, when you get used to it - it feels a little more intimate to me, somehow, what with my friends list reading me and me reading them. Cozy.
    See, you have comments!!
  • Flamingo icon

    Me again, Kass. If you like this icon, use it - I made it for you:

    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
    • Re: Flamingo icon

      WOW!!! I love it. Now all I have to do is figure out how to use it. Big kisses, Kass.
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