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From the Bird's Beak

the Paula Wilshe Award -- time to nominate

the Paula Wilshe Award -- time to nominate

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christmas cat
 The Paula Wilshe award is given annually to the best new writer in SH fiction. It's named for Paula Wilshe, a fan who gave so much of herself, and especially in helping new writers in the fandom. Nomination time is now! Please participate and nominate. You can nominate as many folks as you like, even yourself. The parameters are that writers must have written their first SH story within
the last 5 years. Paula's dearest friend Keri, is running the awards this year and can help verify if a writer you love is eligible. I'm going to post here the writers who've been nominated so far, in alphabetical order by writer's first name, to give you some idea of who folks have been recommending. If your favorite new writer isn't on this list, then you should nominate her ASAP. Even if your favorite writer is on this list, she won't make the ballot unless she's in the top 10 nominees, so she needs your nomination, too! Nominations can be sent to: RosieRed2000@aol.com
Becky  (yellowrb57)fanfiction.net
Calisto http://callistosh65.livejournal.com
Debbie  (Ollie Bear) Fanfiction.net
e-Pony  http://www.geocities.com/e_ponypoetry/index.htm
Hilly  http://www.provencepusstales.net/
Kaye  http://meandthee.shahrazad.net/author.php?authorid=84
Kcirded2  -  Jane  http://meandthee.shahrazad.net/author.php?authorid=5
Laura  McEwan  http://www.hawksong.com/~lauramcewan
Monika  http://oasis3017.tripod.com/
Moondropplette  http://meandthee.shahrazad.net/author.php?authorid=101
Nik  Ditty http://meandthee.shahrazad.net/author.php?authorid=87
Pepper  Ckua http://pepper-ckua.livejournal.com/
Rae  http://leaningbirch.com/
Rebelcat http://rebelcat4.tripod.com/id26.html
Shawn  'til  Dawn http://sandhsite.tripod.com/
Starsky_Strut   Fanfiction.net
Susan  James http://sjames-centre.livejournal.com/
Verlaine http://meandthee.shahrazad.net/author.php?authorid=39
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