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From the Bird's Beak

Special thanks to NANCY!!! From the Advent Calendar Crew.

Special thanks to NANCY!!! From the Advent Calendar Crew.

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Earlier today my pack of maniacal dogs nearly went nuts when an incredibly courageous delivery man actually walked through both our gates to bring something to the front door. Trying to fight my way out the door without letting a crazed mixed terrier slip through took both an amazing effort by both Anne and myself, but we managed. The man held a lovely flower arrangement out to me. I thought it might be for Ro. It wasn't anyone's birthday and the holidays were over. Imagine my surprise when he insisted the flowers were for me. I managed to collect the flowers, sign my name, and prevent the escape of several dogs fiercely determined to kill the dangerous (to them) delivery man carrying a clearly life-threatening (to them) gift of flowers. I'd  blame it on the flower puppies, but my nutty dogs are like this all the time.

I wish you could have seen my face when I opened the card, which read, "To Flamingo, St. Anne, Cyanne: thank you for all the work that you did on the Advent Calendar, but also for all the work you do to keep the SH/DP love going. Love, Nancy."

flower puppies
Please note the S&H cup to give you some idea of scale. The basket they are in is gorgeous also.

I was so surprised, I immediately took a picture of the flowers and sent it to Cyanne. (We live over an hour apart, and while we see each other often, I'm not sure she'll get here while the flowers are still fresh.) She was as startled as I was. I have said very often of the various things I do in Starsky and Hutch fandom: these are definitely not thankless tasks. The fandom has always been very generous in thanking me for my efforts and letting me know how much they appreciate it. And I have often been given lovely gifts. But this is the first time anyone has actually sent me flowers for my S&H efforts. It was a delightful surprise.

Nancy, I cannot thank you enough for your generous and thoughtful gift. You are too kind. Anne and I will enjoy them for days and hope I can share them in person with Cyanne very soon. And for all of you who have contributed to the Advent Calendar this year or in years past, consider this a gift to you, too. Because there would be no Advent Calendar without you.

as if the flowers weren't pretty enough in front, here's the other side
As if the front of this basket isn't lovely enough, here's what the other side looks like. Gorgeous!

Thank you, thank you, thank you so much.

love, Flamingo
  • Nancy is a darling! How lovely is this!!

    You all deserve it, you work so hard for all of us. :D

    Edited at 2014-01-04 04:41 am (UTC)
  • Nancy is a beautiful person; we're very lucky to have her in our fandom {{{hugs her tight}}}

    I haven't read through much of the calendar yet, but Nancy's gift is well-deserved. You're all wonderful!

    Aren't those flower doggies cute?
  • Great, Nancy! What a wonderful idea! *hugs* The "puppie"-flowers are lovely and all the others..... beautiful!

    Yes, you all deserve it and I`m happy for you! *hugs*
  • I'm glad they arrived safely and the terriers didn't eat the delivery man. You didn't tell me if you figured out which puppy represented Starsky and which is Hutch. (Hutch it the one with the largest stem!)LOL! I love you all and keep helping us keep on keeping on. Thank you all your!
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