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From the Bird's Beak

S&H: Present Tense: on Resolutions, Focusing, Guns and Deadlines...

S&H: Present Tense: on Resolutions, Focusing, Guns and Deadlines...

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Not that guns and deadlines are in any way related or associated or that one is intended to add pressure to the other... After letting Dawn carry the ball for me over the many weeks of a pro book project's killer deadlines (over Christmas, yet!) and the Advent Calendar joy, it is time for me to start pulling my weight around here. (Super big thanks, Dawn!) So this week's baycitybigbangcheck-in post is a long rambling discourse on several topics, starting with resolutions. Are you making any? Have you made any? Has anyone here made any WRITING resolutions? I make them every year. And this year, I'm really pushing myself to stick with it.

You don't have to participate in the creative end of the Big Bang to read the posts or make comments. It's a community project, and we need readers and cheerleaders as much as we need creative types. So, please drop in and see what's going on. Deadlines are coming up (my favorite word. Answer me this...why is the word DEAD in there?), and conversation can be interesting. We'd love to hear from you.

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Hope to see you there!
  • I have signed up to do a podfic so I'm waiting on a fic to choose from :D
  • As ever, my resolution is to finish the 'long one'. I think it may be my last long S&H fic - I'll drabble and snippet, but I do believe that at long last I can get the paw out of the rails and apply the lessons to writing non-fanfic fiction.
    But, resolutions are made to be broken and flounder in the dregs of January, so who can tell.
    • Just take it one day at a time and one paragraph at a time. Looking at a long writing project as a whole can swamp your ambition. Breaking it down into smaller parts can make it seem much more doable! Just get through the next paragraph...and then then next. (I was told by a pro a long time ago that if you can manage to write one or two pages a day, at the end of the year you would have a book!)
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      • When I first heard this advice, it made a big impact on me. I always felt if I didn't write at least 10 pages a day, I wasn't getting anywhere. But most successful writers start out working sometimes two jobs while struggling in their writing career. Gene Wolfe, a well-respected science fiction writer, used to have only 2 hours a day to get any fiction writing done around his real life responsibilities and his real job. So, any progress is PROGRESS.
        • I love this advice - a friend (and the pink bird may guess who) told me to write something every day - anything, even if it didn't seem to fit the work in hand. I tend to get flows of inspiration (usually at the wrong time like when I'm working which is very irritating if Starsky starts talking in my head when I'm doing a viewing!) or a 3 day block. This 'big one' has suffered rewrites, a stolen external hard disc - yes, the one I had stored it on 'just in case'!, an attempt to turn into into non-fanfic (disaster - it was so obvious who the characters were based on) and periods of 'ohmygodwhatisthiscrap'! But I'm a stubborn ***** and this is not going to get away. what is it, 8 years since I started writing? the scenario - a scene I saw in my mind's eye - started off as a draft and my first fanfic was suppose to be the introduction to it. that's how long this one has taken.
    • I like this advice :)
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