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From the Bird's Beak

SHareCon 2008 Dates Poll

SHareCon 2008 Dates Poll

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christmas cat
If you have any interest in attending SHareCon 2008, help us pick the date. Fill out this brief poll:


  • Remember to post this to the SH LJ, too, so that other fans can vote.

    Do we know when EMC is being held in 2008? That would impact date selections for many fans I would think.
    • Thanks for the reminder

      I'm still finding my way around the LJ world. Thanks for the reminder, Kimberly. EMC is definitely set for the weekend of Oct 3, 4, 5 -- one of the reasons we're not considering any dates past the end of August. Since I'll be running their vid show, there's no way I could handle that and SHareCon, too. So that eliminated anything in September or October. All the dates we've posted are not in competition with other cons (that I'm aware of) and none close to Media West.
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