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From the Bird's Beak

SH Present Tense: Artist and Podfic'ers Claiming Post on line now

SH Present Tense: Artist and Podfic'ers Claiming Post on line now

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I am a day late on my own deadline! Many apologies to all the writers who got their summaries and rough drafts to me on time. You guys are awesome!!!

To everyone who is interested in seeing what is happening with our Big Bang: Starsky & Hutch, Present Tense, you can find the summaries of the 8 new fics on LJ or on dreamwidth.

The stories show an interesting mix. Some of the stories are long, some are short. In some, the guys are the ages they are now, and in others, they're the age they were in the series. We have a crossover and an AU, some episode reboots and some non-episode related stories. I think it's a wonderful cross section of fiction with some creative ideas being explored. Now we need artists to create art for these amazing stories. Please consider volunteering and support our writers. Information on how to volunteer is on both sites. All comments are screened, so don't be shy!

And Podfic producers, we haven't forgotten you either. You are certainly welcome to pick from any of these stories, however, if you've found a story that fits in with the Present Tense theme, you can select that instead.

Check out the summaries and see what's going on!
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