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From the Bird's Beak

Interested in finding more SH fic? Here's a way...

Interested in finding more SH fic? Here's a way...

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Since people seem to be looking for fiction, I thought this would be a good time to put out a plea for volunteers. Here are some of the tasks you could help with to update the starskyhutcharchive.net and get more fiction on line:

          1) Help move the Me and Thee Archive. This archive isn't even on line anymore. I have the files. These stories are easy to move since they already have classifications and summaries. (I'm up to the "D"s in the author list!) Do you have a favorite author whose stories were on Me and Thee? You could help post those stories to the new archive. Do you already know how to post stories to the new archive? You could help post Me and Thee stories to it.

          2) Help move the starskyhutcharchive.com. While this archive is still functional, I just paid the bill on it again. It costs me money every year, even though I can't update it or add anything to it. All the stories on it must be moved to the newer starskyhutcharchive.net so that I can eveantually give it up. (I'm up to the "D"s in the author list.) If you already know how to post stories to the new archive, you could help post these older stories to it.

          3) Scanning and proof-reading zine fiction that has never been on line that we have permission to post. I can't even estimate how much stuff we have to post. Lots. And every time I connect with another author and get permission for new fic, it makes more (good) work for us. I am now connecting with some lost authors on Face book...but I can't move any faster on the scanning/posting part.

          4) Help us find "lost" fiction from the Bay City Archive. Keri has been working on this project for some time. We estimate over 40% of fiction listed on the Bay City Archive has disappeared. Some of it can be found on the wayback machine, but much of it is simply gone. Some of this fiction has also been moved, and can be found again through searching. If we can find it, we might be able to establish live links to it. Since some fans save their favorite fiction and keep it, we might be able to reclaim some of it. But we need help with this.

There's a lot of fic here, some of which you've seen, some of which you haven't. Keri and I will not live long enough to get to all these tasks. The other people who have been helping us consistently over the years also won't live long enough. Knocking out the Me and Thee archive and the dot com archive would be a huge help. There is also some urgency behind the loss of stories on the Bay City Archive.

As most of you know, I'm also working on a Big Bang for SH, planning SHareCon for later this year, and attending Media West, where I hope to promote SH. So, time for posting fiction is always limited.

Interested in helping? Write me off list at flamingoslim at verizon dot net. If you have made this offer before and I never got back to you, try me again.

Thanks in advance,
  • (Anonymous)
    I have lots of scanned zines. But no time to proof/copy edit. If you have a list of zines needed, let me know.

    MD (who for some reason cannot sign in)
    • Thanks for reminding me. I, too, have quite a few but I doubt I have as many as you do!
      • I'd love to see your list so we can compare notes.
        • I think it's funny that you think I have a list! For me, organization is a herculean effort, or maybe it's like that guy with the rock, I forget. I'm semi organized about the archives, simply because it's easier to copy a table from the archive and try to keep it updated. The zine stuff is scatter shot. But I'll look through the files that are all over my three computers and see if I can come up with a list. You, I'm sure, already have a list. :-)
  • I'd be happy to help out every once in a while--send some my way and they'll get posted at some point.
    • thanks so much! I'm getting ready for a weekend trip, but will be able to respond to you about this in the middle of next week. If you don't hear from by Wednesday, nag me!!! (Do you have a fav author you'd like to post stories from? I'm trying to get an author list together so people can work on things they like.)
      • Since I don't know what's been posted and what hasn't been, I'll wait for the list or whatever is available.
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