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From the Bird's Beak

Archive News: In the last 90 days...

Archive News: In the last 90 days...

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Visited the archive lately? All of the following creative works have been added to the archive in the last 90 days. Click on Recent in the menu bar to see the complete list of individual works. Special thanks to all contributors and volunteers. The archive couldn't continue without you.

Our baycitybigbang, S&H Present Tense, released the first story, Flash Drive, by Hutchlover, with Art by mella68.

New stories, art, vids, and podfics have been added from:
anachron (art)
Dawnwind (story)
Duluthgirl (stories and art)
Laura McEwan's (vids and podfics)
Rae (story)
Sam KW (stories and vids)

Thanks to all contributors for all the new works!

From the Me and Thee archive stories and poems have been added from:
Cheyenne Dancer

From the starskyhutcharchive.com stories have been added from:
C.J. Lorane
Katherine Robertson

And these complete zines:
SHareCon 2000 zine
Sharecon 2002 zine

All of these stories, poems, and art works have been added to the archive through the hard work of quite a few volunteers. Many thanks to you all!
  • (Anonymous)
    Still waiting for my help-out assignment. Have you been trying to reach me? I haven't received any messages since responding to the one asking if you had the right e-mail address. (You did.) Give me a holler!
    • Saw the response from Mara! I did email you. Is my mail landing in the spam folder? I asked if you wanted to post your stories first, and if you needed a primer on how. I have a doc I can send you on how to do it, if my emails can go through! Sorry about the communication breakdown.
  • Oops! That "anonymous" post about helping was form me. :)
    • Mara,

      I have sent emails to you at the address you said was yours. Do you have a spam folder? Could they have ended up there? You can write me directly at flamingoslim at verizon dot net. I don't think the emails I'm sending you are going through.
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