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From the Bird's Beak

S&H Present Tense Release #4: The Streets of Bay City by LilyK with Art by Nicol Tyler

S&H Present Tense Release #4: The Streets of Bay City by LilyK with Art by Nicol Tyler

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After an unforgivably long delay, thanks only to yours truly, I have finally posted the fourth submission in our S&H Present Tense Big Bang. Our fourth release is a fresh look at the Pilot as LilyK reboots the episode into 2014. Nicol Tyler gives us two art pieces for the story, and I should let you know that the second piece is not really safe for work. Or for your blood pressure. :-)

You can get more information on the story and art on our Big Bang LJ, or our Dreamwidth site, or on our WordPress Blog.

Thanks to all of you who have been leaving feedback on our various sites and on the archive. Our writers and artists appreciate it, and so do I! I'd also like to remind artists and writers on the SH archive that you should check to be sure you will be notified whenever someone leaves you feedback (called reviews) on the site. You may not have your settings set up so you receive an email notification of your reviews so you can respond to them. The archive will send you an email whenever you get a review on any of your stories or art, but that is not a default setting and it is one of the few things I can't change as the administrator. You have to go into your "Account Info" (should be on the menu bar), which will take you to "Member Account". Go down to "Contact for New Reviews" and make sure that box is checked. It's also a good idea to check "Contact when author responds to review" so that you're notified if an author responds to a review you've given.
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