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From the Bird's Beak

SH Present Tense Release #6: Wake-up Call by Flamingo, Art by Nicky Gabriel

SH Present Tense Release #6: Wake-up Call by Flamingo, Art by Nicky Gabriel

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Our latest Big Bang story is by yours truly, and since it always feels weird to talk about my own work, I'll let the links do the talking. Big thanks to Nicky Gabriel for the cover art, and special thanks to Suzan L. and Keri T for much needed editorial help. You can find the master post at

LiveJournal: http://baycitybigbang.livejournal.com/8002.html
Dreamwidth: http://baycitybigbang.dreamwidth.org/7375.html
WordPress: http://starskyhutcharchive.net/baycitybigbang/sh-present-tense-release-6-wake-up-call-by-flamingo-art-by-nicky-gabriel/
  • Your Big Bang Story

    Flamingo those sex scenes were just smoulderingly hot and yet so loving at the same time. You are so good at doing that - making the boys sizzle and melt at the same time.

    The way you brought the dilemma they faced to resolution with Starsky's purchase of the plaque and the danger he faced in the bookshop was well done.

    They fitted in so well with the here and now and Hutch's horror at his cell ring-tone was a great way to bring their 70's banter to the 21st century.

    Thanks so much for offering us another opportunity to sample your famous skill with story-telling of these two gorgeous men.
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