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From the Bird's Beak

SHareCon Memberships go up June 2

SHareCon Memberships go up June 2

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Just a reminder that sharecon memberships will be going up in price on June 2. Memberships, both attending and supporting, are at their lowest cost right now. As of June 2, prices will be going up, and will continue to rise as we get closer to the con.

I am behind on acknowledging memberships due to my trip to Michigan for Media West Con. I hope to have everyone who's currently registered logged in and acknowledged no later than the end of this week. If you're concerned about your membership status, you can always drop me a note and I'll do my best to respond asap.

sharecon needs you if we hope to continue. We've got a new, great hotel, cheap rates, and we always have lots of fun. Come join us for a weekend solely dedicated to the best, most romantic show that ever hit the airwaves.

Register at: www.sharecon.net

LJ: sharecon

Dreamwidth: http://sharecon.dreamwidth.org/

If you're interested in getting on the mailing list, drop me a note privately.
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