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From the Bird's Beak

SHareCon hotel...

SHareCon hotel...

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If you are considering attending sharecon, our Starsky & Hutch slash convention held every 2 years in Laurel, Maryland, registration is available on our website: www.sharecon.net. The hotel has finally given us an internet code to reserve hotel rooms for the event. You can find the link for hotel registration d on the Con's website under "hotel" as well as the phone number to contact the hotel directly. Please do not reserve your room through Expedia or any other reduced rate option on line. If you do that, sharecon does not get credit for the hotel room, and we are obligated to fill a certain number of hotel rooms or pay a penalty. So, please register as soon as you can so we can get find out if we have enough rooms in our block or we need more.

You can get the con rate for a hotel room ($89/night plus fees and taxes) for any dates from October 15 through the 22, so if you've ever thought about doing any sightseeing in Washington DC or Baltimore, this is a good rate at a really nice hotel. Free Wifi, free breakfast, and free parking. Hard to beat!

Can't wait to see you all at the con!
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