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From the Bird's Beak

5 days left to Nominate for the PW Award

5 days left to Nominate for the PW Award

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Nominations are still open for the Paula Wilshe Award for New Writers in SH. When we started this award to memorialize one of the most active and giving members of our fandom, we often had over 50 new writers nominated. This year we have 11! Seriously? Those of you who use Tumblr, I know there are new writers there. Any nominations?

Our fic is dwindling, our writers are disappearing, and our new writers are fewer each year. Maybe it's because I spent decades trying to save a desperately endangered species that I still feel hopeful while begging for votes. We're all readers. Our creative people get little feedback and less encouragement. This is your chance to throw some love their way. All you have to do is nominate your favorite new writer (eligible from 9/2009 to 9/2014). The writers with the most nominations will be finalists for the award, so your nominations are important.

Please send your nominations to pwaward at sharecon dot net with Paula Wilshe Nominations in the subject line. Please list author, author's email address, and, if available, an URL where we can find their writing. Nominate as many authors as you like (but nominate each writer only once -- no padding the ballot box!). Writers can also nominate themselves. We'll acknowledge nominations or any questions you may have by email. If you haven't hear back from us from a nomination you've already sent in, please send your note again.

Nominations will close on September 16. That's only 5 days from now! And Congratulations to our list of current nominees.

Anachron (LJ: anachron)                          stories: me_and_thee_100
Angel (LJ: ashkevran)                               stories: Ashkevran-Angel on S&H Archive
Dale (LJ: dalegardener)                             stories: Dale Gardener on AO3, Dale on SH Archive
Diane (LJ: diane_c)                                   stories tagged on LJ, Diane on SH Archive
Duluthgirl (LJ: duluthgirl)                           stories on tagged on LJ, me_and_thee_100, Duluthgirl on SH Archive
Marianrose (LJ: marianrose)                    stories: me_and_thee_100
Sam KW (LJ: samudee)                           stories on her website, AO3, SHArchive, me_and_thee_100
Taass64 (LJ: taass64)                              stories on AO3, SH Archive, me_and_thee_100
Tinx_r (LJ: tinx_r)                                       stories tagged on her LJ, AO3, SH Archive
Wightfaerie (LJ: wightfaerie)                     stories tagged on her LJ, me_and_thee_100, SH Archive
Youtooblondie (LJ: youtooblondie)            poems on starskyhutch911, SH Archive,
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