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From the Bird's Beak

REMINDER: still looking for submissions for my zine

REMINDER: still looking for submissions for my zine

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It's bound to be confusing, but we have two zines (we hope) we're producing for SHareCon. One is our traditional SHareCon zine that Cyanne's been advertising.

The other is my Bay City Gazette. I've been getting some nice submissions, but I'd be happy to get a few more for the Gazette. The zine will be produced as an e-zine and a print zine on demand. All contributors will get a copy of both the paper copy and e-zine. Any submissions must be exclusive to the zine for a year. That means it can't have been published anywhere else, either on line or in paper. I'm accepting stories in any length on any topic. However, due to the cost of paper production, I ask if you'd like to submit drabbles that you submit at least 1,000 words worth -- that's 10 drabbles if yours are truly 100 words apiece. I'm willing to produce the Gazette as a mixed zine, so if you've got a gen story you'd like to submit, I'll definitely consider it.

Time is growing short. If you're thinking of sending me something, please drop me a note at flamingoslim at verizon dot net. Thanks!
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