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From the Bird's Beak

Last call for Paula Wilshe award nominations! TODAY.

Last call for Paula Wilshe award nominations! TODAY.

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LAST CALL FOR NOMINATIONS! Nominate your favorite writer! Send to pwaward at sharecon dot net.

anachron (LJ: anachron)                               stories: me_and_thee_100
angel (LJ: ashkevran)                                   stories: Ashkevran-Angel on S&H Archive
dale (LJ: dalegardener)                                stories: Dale Gardener on AO3, Dale on SH Archive
diane (LJ: diane_c)                                      stories tagged on LJ, Diane on SH Archive
Duluthgirl (LJ: duluthgirl)                              stories on tagged on LJ, me_and_thee_100, Duluthgirl on SH Archive
Kerrys2boys (LJ: kerrys2boys)                     stories: Kerrys2Boys on Fanfiction.net and on SH Archive
marianrose (LJ: marianrose)                         stories: me_and_thee_100
Sam KW (LJ: samudee)                               stories on her website, AO3, SHArchive, me_and_thee_100
Taass64 (LJ: taass64)                                  stories on AO3, SH Archive, me_and_thee_100
tinx_r (LJ: tinx_r)                                          stories tagged on her LJ, AO3, SH Archive
wightfaerie (LJ: wightfaerie)                          stories tagged on her LJ, me_and_thee_100, SH Archive
Your Woman Now (LJ: your-woman-now)      story on SH Archive
youtooblondie (LJ: youtooblondie)                poems on starskyhutch911, SH Archive,
Zandra's Court (LJ: zandras_court)              stories on AO3
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