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From the Bird's Beak

Girl Dance party

Girl Dance party

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I cannot believe where the time has gone! I've got about 10 days to put together two vid shows and other assorted media. So, this is a desperate plea for HELP! We're hoping to do something different with one of the vid shows we hold. It's something that's been done at a few other cons -- a video dance party. There's a fun Saturday Night Live routine with Bruce Willis and all the SNL guys called "Boy Dance Party." It inspired me to suggest we have a "Girl Dance Party" but considering it's SHareCon, it'll be more like "Girl (and two guys) Dance Party."

You can see the SNL vid here: Boy Dance Party

We need danceable vids. At the cons I've been to where they have this kind of vid show, they project the vids on the large screen and dancing ensues. Watching is also just fine, since it's a fun party atmosphere where we can let our hair down and just have some fun with vids we love.

But... I NEED VIDS!!! Vids we can dance to. If you can point me to the vids, I can contact the vidder and get their permissions. But I need suggestions!

And yes, more requests will be coming for the premiere vid show. Thanks for your help.

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