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From the Bird's Beak

SHareCon 2008 -- who's coming?

SHareCon 2008 -- who's coming?

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Hey, guys,

don't lose patience. There's lots going on behind the scenes for SHareCon, which is not much fun for those of you not directly involved in the initial planning stages.  Some of the things we're discussing are the luau, the vid show, the auction, the dealers room, the games...all that stuff.
The one thing we don't know, which makes it hard to plan, is...how many of you are actually hoping to come. We don't know what membership will cost yet, but I'm hoping it won't be much more expensive than last time, and I hope the hotel will keep the room fees around the same. I'm pushing them on that.

I don't need positive commitments, but if you're hoping to come, can I see a raise of hands? It makes a big difference if we're going to have 50-75 or 100 (or 40...or 30...) 

  • Well, I'm planning on it. *g* Even though it's on my anniversary weekend.
  • I've said it on the list but yes, I'm coming. Wouldn't miss it!

    Now, back to working on that story...
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