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From the Bird's Beak

Taking pre-orders for The Bay City Gazette, a new S&H slash zine, that will be available at SHareCon

Taking pre-orders for The Bay City Gazette, a new S&H slash zine, that will be available at SHareCon

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The Bay City Gazette, a new Starsky & Hutch slash zine edited by Flamingo, will be available at SHareCon. I’m still figuring out the price, but the paper zine should be no more than $20. This zine will be available on the archive as an ezine shortly after the con for donations, though donations are not required. However, the hard copy zine will only be available as print-on-demand, so I need to know who might want one. I'm only going to print enough zines to cover pre-orders. I don't want any money right now; basically I just need a head count to find out if I should have 10 zines printed or 50. So, if you think you might be interested, just hit reply and drop me a note to let me know if you want one or more copies. Mailing will take place after SHareCon.

We have an eclectic mix of stories, some dark, some fantastical, and some laugh out loud funny. In alphabetical order our contributors include: Astrid, who gives us an exhausted Starsky in Huggy’s bar after a grueling ordeal with Hutch. Cyanne’s story was inspired by the SH Present Tense Big Bang, so the boys are young and working in today’s world, and dealing with a plethora of issues from other fan universes. If you’ve ever enjoyed Rayelle Roe’s Mixed Metaphor, you’ll love this modern take. Jessica Celliers takes Hutch on a dark and dangerous mission. Dawnwind shows Hutch working through his recovery after the Fix and coping with unsettled feelings toward the man who saved him. Glow and Kath Moonshine’s story comes with one warning: ladies, go to the bathroom before reading. LilyK gives Starsky and Hutch a fantastical case that’s going to take more to be solved than a gun and a badge. Kath Moonshine’s solo outing visits Kiko as an adult and reflects on his past. Suztm gives us a whole new way to enjoy our favorite show. Theresa gives us Starsky’s viewpoint in a way only she can as he and Hutch see the same movie from totally different viewpoints. We are fortunate to have a wonderful front cover by Suzan Lovett and a lovely back cover by Virginia Sky.
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