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From the Bird's Beak

The Advent Calendar is up!

The Advent Calendar is up!

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christmas cat
The 2014 S&H Advent Calendar is up. Go take a look. Peek behind the doors. I dare you!


I hope this delightful Calendar, brought to you by a number of elves, including the amazing Cyanne, Suzan, SHaron, and SHfan, helps put you in the holiday mood. We need gifts if we're going to have a dynamic Advent Calendar. We have a tentative deadline of November 28 to receive gifts, but we have been known to accept gifts after the deadline. We have received a few lovely gifts to tuck behind the numbered doors, but we need many more to make sure the Calendar is chock full of surprises for everyone to enjoy. You can send your gifts to

advent at starskyhutcharchive dot net

so we can figure out where to put your gift. We accept both slash and gen gifts. Gifts can include images, stories, drabbles, puzzles, games, icons, podfics, or anything at all S&H related. Have fun with creativity! I know Hardboiledbaby has also put a challenge on the drabble page (http://starsky-hutch.livejournal.com/1446413.html) to help inspire your creativity.

Ack! It's the holidays!!!!
  • (Anonymous)
    aaargh an my AC project has hit a wall...hope to get it together for the 28th
    • You can do it! If you want to discuss the project off line, I'll be happy to. Maybe you just need some input. You can write me off line at flamingoslim at verizon dot net.
      • tee hee, if I'd remembered to log in before posting that wouldn't have been anonymous. Doin' my best oh great pink one
  • It's beautiful! Thank you to all the elves.

    I have a gift! An unfinished gift at the moment, but it's getting there (3000+ words right now. Ack! And they're moving slowly towards the bed when I really need them to hurry. Typical.)
  • Aw, that doughnut picture has always been one of my faves. The zebra striped santa hat only enhances it.

    I am working frantically on my fic. Hope to have it done this week, fingers crossed and shined up for you by the 28th.

    Also playing around with some drawings, too.
  • So beautiful, Flamingo!!!
    Great work!!!
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