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From the Bird's Beak

Ring-ding-a-ling! Door #1 of the Advent Calendar is now open!

Ring-ding-a-ling! Door #1 of the Advent Calendar is now open!

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christmas cat
OMG, it's DECEMBER 1!!! How did that happen? I feel like I misplaced November. But here we are! Less than 24 shopping days from Christmas, and I'm still not over Thanksgiving. But who cares about Christmas shopping when we've got presents already! Door #1 of the Advent Calender 2014 is now open! Go to:


and see what our S&H elves, SHaron, SHfan, and Suzan have created for us. You can click the image for a larger version, and if you scroll down, the links to all our previous advent calendars are right at your fingertips. So not only do you get a gorgeous picture, but it's like getting a gift within a gift within a gift... The advent calendars started in 2007 thanks to Enednoviel and we are happy to continue her joyous tradition today. Each advent calendar is packed with 24 days worth of SH gifts, so spend some time browsing back through that treasure trove while waiting for Day 2.
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