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From the Bird's Beak

Bay City Gazette orders

Bay City Gazette orders

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christmas cat
I've just dropped quite a few zines in the mail and have contacted all those who pre-ordered the Bay City Gazette along with the SHareCon supporting packages. I still have a few more to get out, but I need to order more Gazettes from the printer. Sales went better at SHareCon than I anticipated.

If you've expressed interest in the Bay City Gazette ($20 + shipping) and haven't heard from me, and are still interested in getting this zine (which will be going up on-line as an ezine as soon as I can get my act together), please write me at flamingoslim at verizon dot net. With all the traffic from the advent calendar, I may not notice your request in list mail. I'll be doing another printing of the Gazette as of Monday and orders will go out as soon as I have them in hand.

I still have a few pre-ordered SHareCon supporting packages to mail out, so if you're still waiting and haven't heard from me directly, you might want to drop me a note. If you didn't pay for a supporting package, I will have a few SHareCon zines left over, which you can order for $10. It also will be going online as an ezine very soon. If you want a SHareCon zine and a Bay City Gazette, postage is the same.

Remember, please to contact me directly, not on list.

And, thanks to all my pre-orders who have been so patiently waiting.
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