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From the Bird's Beak



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Thanks to a high level of participation (applaud yourselves), the 2014 Starsky & Hutch Advent Calendar was wonderful. We thank everyone who contributed both creative materials and comments. The feedback was terrific; without it, our creators have no way to know if anyone enjoys their efforts.

Most of our friends on the East Coast (especially in the Boston and Connecticut-area!) are weary of winter. So let's look forward to warmer times. Let's create something new -- a Starsky & Hutch Summer Solstice Calendar!

The Summer Solstice is June 21. We're planning to host a Solstice Calendar that will run from June 1 to 21 and work just like the Advent Calendar. The Advent Calendar attracts seasonally themed "gifts" -- stories, games, videos, art, etc. -- often focused on the holiday season (though that's not a requirement). A Solstice Calendar, which does not revolve around a holiday, can be a forum for more diverse work.

So, here's your invitation. We welcome any creative activity centered on Starsky and Hutch: stories, poetry, art, games, puzzles, podfics, videos, reviews, gifs, memes, icons, wallpapers, anything at all, slash or gen, with no restriction on content or topic. We will organize the gifts and reveal them daily from June 1 to June 21. We have already set up a Word Press blog just like we do for the Advent Calendar. (Thanks to Suzan for the wonderful graphic, and thanks to Cyanne for creating the terrific site.) The site isn't completely ready yet (we're still working on the "no peeking" pages), but you can get a preview here. Each day we'll open a door revealing the gifts, announcing them the same way we do for the Advent Calendar.

We're hoping this will encourage greater active participation in the fandom. The next Advent Calendar isn't until December 2015, and the next SHareCon isn't until 2016, activities that usually supply a flurry of fannish activity. We're all busy with real life, and it's easy to postpone creativity. A Solstice Calendar might help provide a focus to get us to dust off projects we really want to do but can't seem to make the time for.

Our initial deadline is May 7. We can accept gifts from now until then, and will remind you (read: give you a friendly nudge) often. Please send your contributions to solstice@starskyhutcharchive.net. As always, our deadlines are fluid, and we will accept gifts after that date, but it would be great to have some early submissions so we can start planning the first few days. We also ask that any submissions you send us be new on-line and that you hold off reposting them elsewhere until they're released. Once we open the door with your submission, you're free to simultaneously release anywhere you please.

We'd love to hear your ideas and suggestions to make this event at least as successful as the Advent Calendar.

Flamingo, Cyanne, and Suzan

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