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From the Bird's Beak

The Solstice Calendar wants to hear from YOU.

The Solstice Calendar wants to hear from YOU.

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We are getting some lovely Solstice gifts, but we're still looking for more. We're greedy like that! If you haven't had time to look behind the doors yet, check it out at http://starskyhutcharchive.net/solstice/2015/

We are still hoping to get more fun gifts to share with our fan friends in SH. You can submit stories, poems, podfics, vids, art, icons, puzzles, word games, drabbles, or anything your little heart desires. Like our very successful Advent Calendar, the Solstice Calendar is a little impetus for us to dust off those works that we might need a deadline to inspire us to complete. Send your gifts! Planning something but haven't got it finished yet? Drop us a note and let us know so we can plan ahead. We'd like this summer calendar to be just as jam packed as our Christmas one. No limit on topics; slash and gen always accepted.  It's a long wait until Christmas! The Solstice Calendar will run from June 1 -21.

Please send your contributions to solstice@starskyhutcharchive.net.  We ask that any submissions you send be new on-line, and that you hold off reposting them elsewhere until they're released. Once we open the door with your submission, you're free to simultaneously release anywhere you please.

Bring on the Solstice gifts!
  • I can't wait to open this calendar. The advent calendar was so much fun!
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