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From the Bird's Beak

your input on SHareCon issue...

your input on SHareCon issue...

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christmas cat
Thanks for the SHareCon head count, folks. It really has given me a good view of what to expect, membership wise.

As I suspected, (and as happened in 2006) we're not going to have enough membership to pay the bills. (Though we'll have more than enough folks to have a great time!) Most cons are hurting these last two years with lower attendance thanks to our economy, gas prices, and a general lack of disposable income among the populace.

We're thinking of trying some creative fundraising to pad the purse. (Debtor's prison is so uncomfortable...) Last year the SHareCon auction (that takes place at the con) had to be split between PAF and the con (when formerly it all went to PAF). But we're going to need some operational funds ahead of time.

Rosemary has suggested a fannish auction to help raise money. She's willing to offer an SH story written to the winning bidder's specifications (within certain restrictions) that would be theirs exclusively for a specific period of time (I think a year, not positive). I'm not sure how I feel about this. I know some charities have had some luck with this, but we're a small fandom, and this is for a con. Another fan suggested that we open the offerings fandom-wise, since we know some of our attendees are currently more active in other fandoms, and might be hesitant to offer up something in SH, but would be willing to offer up something in another fandom. Ro and I have been thinking mostly stories, art, vids, fan art...

We've just been tossing this around the kitchen table, and lately it's been a circular argument -- should we? Would anyone be interested in offering things? Would anyone be interested in buying these things? Would it help?

So, I think it's time to open it up to the rest of you. We could really use some input on this issue. If you see this notice posted on a list you normally post to, you can respond there. If you're more comfortable posting here, be my guest. Or you can respond to me personally at flamingoslim@erols.com.


  • I'm not in S/H fandom, but my friend lauramcewan is, and I'm happy to send two or three sets of beaded jewelry (necklace, earrings, bracelet) to an art show-auction and/or online benefit sale ahead of the con to help offset the con deficit. I have a stash of lovely stone and glass beads I'm gradually working to get made into jewelry so they'll be out of my cluttered apartment and to loving homes, and if there are particular colors or color combinations that would evoke slashy or character-specific themes, I can bead more or less to order. :-) Let me know how I can best help out your con: elke @ elke.slashcity.org
    • what a kind offer

      thanks so much, dear. That's so generous.

      SH fans love zebra striped jewelry and red and white jewelry, but we all love pretty things. Anything you offered would be so appreciated.

      thank you!

      • Re: what a kind offer

        My pleasure! And now I'm thinking about logistics...

        If I put up a few jewelry sets, is there an address where SHareCon can accept Paypal payments, and then you could drop me an email that the payment was sent, and then I can mail the jewelry direct to whoever is willing to buy it? Or should I collect the payments myself, and then either write the con a check or send a single Paypal payment your way?

        What's easiest for you?
        • Re: what a kind offer

          we hope to be setting up an actual auction site on one of the free auctions. Stay tuned while we get things set up and thank you again for offering to help.

    • Re: what a kind offer

      Sounds very promising! I've started beading so whenever you are ready, I'll have some sets all ready for auctioning. I put together the first red-and-white set tonight, and found some lovely stripey beads at my local shop, so there will be some zebra-ish jewelry, along with some more red-and-white, and whatever other color combinations happen to start talking to me between now and the auction... :-)

      I love feeling creative for a good cause! :-D
    • Re: what a kind offer

      So I have now put together an entire collection of stealthily Starsky/Hutch-themed jewelry, in varying combinations of red, white and zebra, with gold-plate accents and findings:
      - four necklace plus earrings sets
      - one bracelet that could match any three of the above
      - two necklace, earrings plus bracelet sets
      - two more sets of earrings

      No two sets are exactly alike, but they are all related. I'm very pleased with how they turned out. I tried taking photos of them, but the flash washes out the white of the shell disk beads, so I'm going to try again in the morning when I can take advantage of the early slanting light.

      Let me know where I should ship them to, OK? And how you're going to auction them, so I can pimp the heck out of the auction in all of my journals? :-D
    • Re: what a kind offer

      I'm still having some trouble photographing because of the shine-glare off the pearly shell disk beads, but I've put up photos of the jewelry I made for SHareCon at http://elke.slashcity.org/sharecon2008.html now.
  • I'd be happy to volunteer to write a story, if it would help.
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