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From the Bird's Beak

Door #4 of the Solstice Calendar is OPEN!

Door #4 of the Solstice Calendar is OPEN!

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The summer gnomes are messing with us in the middle of the night so we couldn't post today's calendar right after midnight. (And I'm so clear headed in the middle of the night, I couldn't defeat the rascals!) So we're getting a lazy crazy start to Day 4. Hey, it's summer. Or almost. Whatever.

I know you will love today's gift provided by that adorable lady blending the pina coladas (you know Dobey loves them!) over by the bar. Many thanks to Sammy for today's present. You can open the door by going to http://starskyhutcharchive.net/solstice/2015/ and clicking on the number 4. Today's gift is slash, rated G and safe for work.

It is still not too late to send gifts, so keep those tiki torches burning and send us pressies!  Thanks to everyone who's contributed and who are working diligently to contribute. And I want to send a thanks to all those sending comments. It's very gratifying, not only to the gift givers, but to the calendar staff. THANKS!
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