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From the Bird's Beak

Door #7 of the Solstice Calendar is OPEN!

Door #7 of the Solstice Calendar is OPEN!

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It's Day #7 of the Solstice Calendar, which means we're officially a third of the way through our celebration of the days leading up to summer. If the weather hasn't been perfect, well, the tail end of spring is like that. At least we can rely on the Solstice Calendar to bring us a few rays of sunshine. Our gift today is brought to you by our dear friend, Suzan, who sends us a gift rich with the promise of sunshine, summer, and S&H. Just what we need! Today's gift is slash and not safe for work (NSFW).

You can open the door by going to http://starskyhutcharchive.net/solstice/2015/ and clicking on the number 7.

It is STILL not too late to send gifts! Thanks to everyone who's contributed and who are working diligently to contribute. And keep those comments coming.
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