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From the Bird's Beak

SHareCon Vid Show wants your vids!

SHareCon Vid Show wants your vids!

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SHareCon, a Starsky & Hutch slash con held every 2 years in Maryland, has always had a vibrant vid show that includes historical (tape) vids, fan favorites, and premiering vids.  Vids are shown on a large screen through a projection system with a 4-speaker stereo system.  This year, we hope to have the con vids available on DVD.  

Anyone can submit any SH vid to the con.  You do not have to be an attending or supporting member.  Vids do not have to be premiering vids, but if they are, we'll make a fuss about them!  If you want to send a premiering vid, we ask you to please refrain from posting it on the web until Monday, August 24.

Deadline for vids is August 4.  This only gives us a little more than 2 weeks to deal with problem files and technical glitches, get the show properly formatted, take it out for a test drive, and, produce DVDs.  Due to compatibility problems with equipment that make vidders, vid show organizers, and audiences crazy, we regret we cannot accept vids at the con.  It may be possible to submit vids after the deadline, but I'm not making any promises. When in doubt, contact me directly. 

Typically, we ask vidders to submit three vids or less. However, if you've got a baker's dozen and can't choose, talk to me. We will be showing vids at other times during the con, so we may be able to show extra vids at another showing.  

When submitting vids, tell us if we can include them on the con DVD.  If yes, you get a contributor's copy.  DVDs will be available at the con, and to the fandom after the con.  You can sell collections of your vids at the con at our Orphan Table, even if you're not there.  Ask how.


Since we show the vids on a large screen, we need *large* files.  Low res vids won't work.  I can accept vids electronically as MPEG-2 video files with a separate audio file, or as DIVX files uploaded to MegaUpload, YouSendIt, or some other file transfer system, or through snail mail on a playable DVD. If you aren't sure if your vids are in the right format, or have questions about sending them, contact me.  

We would like information such as:

1. Your vidder name and contact info (i.e., email address and website where your vids are posted).

2. Titles of submitted vids and if we can included them on the con DVD.

3. The song title and artist.

4. Running time.

5. If we can include your information on a handout about the vids.

 Vid lovers:  If you have a favorite SH vid you'd love to see on a big screen, let me know, and I'll contact the vidder to see if we can get it. 

 SHareCon wants your vids!

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