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From the Bird's Beak

Door #16 of the Solstice Calendar is OPEN!

Door #16 of the Solstice Calendar is OPEN!

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It's Day #16 of the Solstice Calendar. And summer is definitely here. I know, because I saw the first fireflies of the season tonight! They were sparkling all around my yard like tiny stars come down to earth. I especially love seeing them high in the trees twinkling away.

Today is special for another reason. For the first time, we have TWO gifts behind Door #16. The first gift is from D. P. Patricks, is gen, and safe for work. The second pressie is from Harrimaniac27, is slash, and is safe for work. Thanks, to both of you! Open the door by going to http://starskyhutcharchive.net/solstice/2015/ and clicking on the number 16.
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