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From the Bird's Beak

Archive news: new surprises!

Archive news: new surprises!

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While the Solstice Calendar has slowed down our progress on uploading Archive fic, we're trying to play catch up now. Here's what we've posted most recently.

All seven of Mary Louise Fisher's "Golden Boy" stories, previously only available in zines, are now available on the Archive. Many thanks to Mary Louise for giving us permission to post her fic.

Thanks to Keri, a large block of my fic has been transferred to the Archive, and much of it has ebooks now, including my If Love Is Real series.

We have new art posted by Nicol Tyler and Duluthgirl. Thanks!

We have new fic posted, too, including the latest chapter in Kerrys2Boys, "You Can Take the Boy Out of Brooklyn," and CrazyKate's ongoing saga, "Movin' On." Other writers who have uploaded new fic include Dawnwind, exbex, LauraY, mvernet, and Spencer. Many thanks!

Me and Thee stories we transferred lately include work by Jennifer C, Keri T, Quill, Sue Beck, Susan Proto, and Terry Nora Roberts. Huge thanks to all my volunteers, including Dianne, Duluthgirl, fionulavic, Hutchlover, JendaZZ, Keri T, Leslie, Lorraine, Nicol, and undoubtedly some I've forgotten.

Please check out some of this exciting new (to the archive) art and fics, some of which you can find no where else. We will soon be posting the 2014 SHareCon zine and other goodies, and will continue uploading the Me and Thee stories.

And please, please, please consider dropping some comments (reviews) on those stories and art you enjoy. It's the only payment our creators enjoy.
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