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From the Bird's Beak

Archive News! I Remember LA, Me and Thee Archive move, and more!

Archive News! I Remember LA, Me and Thee Archive move, and more!

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We've got some exciting archive news to share! We've just posted Tiger Tyger's zine story, "I Remember LA" from the zine "When Lightning Strikes." This classic slash story takes Starsky and Hutch out of their comfortable milieu in Bay City and deals with their years after Gunther's attempted hit changes everything. Hutch is working as a consultant for the FBI in Virginia and Starsky is working as a teacher in New York. Connected by years of partnership and love, the phone is their tether, until Starsky's students are the victims of a serial murderer. The story, inspired by a VCR-era vid, has long been a fan favorite. Many thanks to Tiger Tyger for granting us permission to post the story. for Helen in allowing us to post the art, and for Jennifer for proof-reading the digital translation.

Some of you may have noticed that K. Hanna Korossy's SH fiction site has gone down. That's the bad news. The good news is she

has given us permission to repost all her fiction to the archive. We're starting that move now and will soon be hosting about 140 stories from K. Hanna.

We're just about done with the Me and Thee Archive transition. Our most recent moves were stories by Lola and wuemsel. We're now starting to transition stories from the starskyhutcharchive.com site over to the dot net site. Some of those stories are from MLM and Mary Millard.

We've also posted some lost stories from Rae, and new stories recently submitted include acmabry, Spencer, hardboiledbaby, and a new podfic by hardboiledbaby! Thanks to everyone submitting stories to the archive. And as always, special thanks to all my hard-working volunteers: Mary, Lesley, Lorraine, Dianne, and Jennifer! And special thanks to Keri who keeps me on track.

And please, please, please consider dropping some comments (reviews) on those stories and art you enjoy. It's the only payment our creators enjoy.
  • (Anonymous)
    The I Remember L.A. mobi file is actually an epub.
    • Fixed it! Thanks so much for letting me know. I didn't catch that. Let me know if you run into anything else.
  • I didn't know that K. Hanna Korossy's fiction site doesn't exist anymore. I'm glad you will have her stories in the archive. She's my favorite author :)
    • It's not up yet, but we'll be moving the stories over a few at a time. She has about 140, and some of them are missing from my files, so Kati will have to send them to me.
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