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From the Bird's Beak

Will there be an Advent Calendar this year?

Will there be an Advent Calendar this year?

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christmas cat
Well, that's up to you! Last year's 2014 Starsky & Hutch Advent Calendar was a rockin' success after SHareCon. However, Calendars in non-SHareCon years can sometimes be a little... thin. Do you want a few fun presents under the virtual tree a la Ebenezer Hutch? Or do you want TONS of fun presents a la Reformed Ebenezer Starsky? Frankly, we think post-Sweet Revenge, our Hutch would be infected with so much Christmas spirit, he might even get on Starsky's nerves. But you have to help Starsky & Hutch fill up their shopping cart with all the gifts YOU would love to receive.

If you've ever seen the pretty Advent Calendars that are sold in November, they usually have a Christmassy image with little "doors" cut into them, with numbers on each door. The doors are usually hiding a little treat or toy, and you're supposed to open one door a day until Christmas day.

Our Advent Calendar works in a similar way. Typically, gifts include word games, cartoons, poems, vids, podfics, drabbles, short stories, art, puzzles, manips, wallpapers, images, jokes, crafts... in other words, almost anything that can be posted on a website, and all of it focused on Starsky & Hutch. Almost any topic, gen or slash, is welcomed, though holiday themes are always appreciated. (And please, no death or downer topics for the season! No one wants a dead rat in the fridge for Christmas or Hanukkah.)

Participating fans like YOU create these "gifts" and send them to the Christmas Elves at advent@starskyhutcharchive.net. The elves organize the gifts, sort them out, and set them up behind the Advent Calendar doors to be "opened" on the designated day. The Advent Calendar runs from December 1 until December 24. That's 24 big days of S&H-themed gifts.

But without your participation, there is no Calendar, no doors, no presents, only a bunch of depressed elves drinking themselves into a stupor. So consider this the first notice of what will be, through the month of November, a series of friendly nag-o-grams that I hope will ensure a fun-filled Advent Calendar this December. Get working!

If you are new to the Advent Calendar and aren't sure what constitutes an appropriate "gift," all the past calendars are still available: 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007.

Check it out! (And feel free to pass this message along to any community that might be interested.)
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