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From the Bird's Beak

update for SHareCon 206

update for SHareCon 206

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No, it's not too early to start planning for SHareCon 2016! This is what we know:

We're hoping to have the con on October 14-17, 2016. However, the hotel we used in 2014 has changed ownership and we're having to renegotiate everything from scratch. We haven't signed a contract yet.

We know the guest room rates will be higher: $99 per night (plus tax). After considerable debate, they are willing to set up a second meeting room for us across the hall, but we will now have to pay a premium price for it. (Formerly, it was free.)

The shuttle no longer goes to the hotel and only travels 5 miles (which is standard. Any hotel in the area with a shuttle usually only travels 5 miles and goes to the train station. Still, it's a major loss of convenience.)

The hotel has changed its pet police: no pets. We're very unhappy with this as several members needed to bring pets to be able to come to the con. We are checking with nearby hotels that allow pets to see if we can have a nearby place for fans that need to bring their companions, however, that's not the best solution.

We are interviewing all the surrounding hotels and considering moving the con, but there are major considerations if we do this: additional expense, convenient location to nearby restaurants, costs of hotel catering (often mandatory). I suspect we will have to use the current hotel in spite of the pet policy.

Watch this space for news!
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