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From the Bird's Beak

SHareCon Art Show and Print Shop

SHareCon Art Show and Print Shop

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The SHareCon Art Show and Print Shop

SHareCon is a Starsky & Hutch slash con held every 2 years in Laurel, Maryland.  This year it will be held on August 22, 23, and 24.  SHareCon has a dealers' room, art show, and a full roster of panels and games, all focused on Starsky & Hutch.  Suzan Lovett has once again graciously offered to run the art show.  If you have SH art or prints you're interested in selling or in REselling, contact Suzan at artshow@sharecon.org for details. 

We accept any Starsky & Hutch art pieces for the art show, including original art, limited prints, hand-drawn and computer generated art, crafts and art RESALES, so if you have some classic S&H art that you're thinking of parting with, drop a note to artshow@sharecon.org and ask for details.

We can accept art by mail. We will also have a print shop set up and will accept S&H prints for sale by mail. The Con is only charging a 5% fee on sales.

Art show/print shop rules and details can be found at: http://www.sharecon.org/index.php?page=artshow

Any questions, please email artshow@sharecon.org or contact Flamingo.

  • Are you posting these to the SH LJ? :)
    • posting to the SH LJ

      Are you posting these to the SH LJ? :)

      I intend to, kimberly, however, Keri had just posted about the Paula Wilshe and I didn't want to post over that so soon after she put it there. I thought I'd wait a day or two since that's much more important. I've been posting everything else on the SH LJ...at least I thought I had been
      • Re: posting to the SH LJ

        Coolness, just wanna make sure the LJ fandom doesn't miss out if they don't read your journal.

        And I dropped you a note about registration. In the mail after Shoreleave! :D
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