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From the Bird's Beak

Door #6 of the Advent Calendar is OPEN!

Door #6 of the Advent Calendar is OPEN!

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christmas cat
It's day 6 ALREADY? I know somewhere out there some of you have all your shopping, wrapping, and baking done already, don't you? Me, I'm just scrambling to make sure I get the Advent doors opened in the right order! Thank God we've got a bevy of elves working behind the scenes to get everything ready for me. (How many is a bevy? Does anyone know? Is it more than one? Would it be wrong to ask the elves to start my Christmas shopping? Don't answer that.)

We have two gifts behind door #6: a little something sweet from Elf wightfaerie and something a little spicy from Elf D. P. Patricks.  Just as a reminder, slash stories will be labeled and noted if they are not safe for work. We know how hard it is to not peek at those gifts! Check out the new presents at


We are still accepting gifts, which you can sent to advent@starskyhutcharchive.net. Thanks to all those who have already sent gracious comments. All the elves appreciate it!
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