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From the Bird's Beak

Addendum to Advent Calendar Door #10

Addendum to Advent Calendar Door #10

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christmas cat
We had a minor glitch this morning behind Door #10 and linked to the Snowman image instead of the Christmas Tree. Apologies to wightfaerie who kindly pointed it out. Okay, so maybe there's a slight eggnog problem among the posting elves at two a.m. We'll be looking into that! So, recheck that page and see the very interesting Christmas tree puzzle waiting for you.

And on another note, if you've submitted something to the Advent Calendar, especially if it was sometime back, and haven't heard from me, it might have gotten misplaced in the Christmas mail avalanche at Santa's workshop. Don't hesitate to contact us again and resubmit. We'd hate to miss your gift in the rush.
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