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From the Bird's Beak

At last! Starsky & Hutch Podfic!

At last! Starsky & Hutch Podfic!

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If you don't know what podfic is it might be because there hasn't been any in Starsky and Hutch. Podfic is fanfiction read aloud in formats that can be heard over IPods or any device that can play soundfiles, including your computer. You download podfic the same way you download other files. Many fans listen to podfic in their cars during commutes or on their IPods and other mp3 players instead of music. People who regularly listen to podfic will download stories in fandoms they're not familiar with and discover new fandoms. Podfic usually tells listeners where they can find the original story and many podfic fans will look up those stories and meet new writers and find new archives.

Starsky and Hutch has not been able to take advantage of this new media until <drum roll please!> right now! There are now 4 new podfics uploaded to the Starsky & Hutch archive.

"Did I Tell You" by CC, read by Morgan Logan
"Pickles" by Morgan Logan, read by Flamingo
"Blue" by Morgan Logan, read by Flamingo
"The Last Charade" (in two parts) by Rosemary, read by Flamingo

You can find this, the first podfic files in S&H, at the Starsky and Hutch archive on the Media page at:

If you're unsure how you might feel about "Starsky & Hutch radio," give it a listen and see what you think. Both "Pickles" and "Did I Tell You" are short fun stories. Take 'em for a test drive!

More stories are in production. If you think you'd like to hear more podfic in our fandom, we need more readers! It's not hard to do. I'd love to talk to anyone who would like to join us.
  • This is big news if you've posted here! I'd love to help out with the podficcing.
    • thanks!

      You'd be great at it. Maybe next time we get together, we can start getting you set up. It's fun!
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