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From the Bird's Beak

Door # 18 of the Advent Calendar is FINALLY open!

Door # 18 of the Advent Calendar is FINALLY open!

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christmas cat
Well, things certainly got exciting in Santa's workshop last night! Due to some unexplainable gremlin glitch we were unable to publish our Advent pages for today. However, our server support system flew into action, and everything appears to be working this morning. Do please let us know if you experience any issues! So, we are happy to announce that we have a wealth of three gifts this morning. Elf Bee (barancoire) has sent us a pretty present wrapped in red, Elf ksstarfire has sent us something that tickles, and Elf Nicol offers something for our aesthetic senses. If you are new to the archive, be aware that gifts considered Not Safe for Work are clearly labeled. We know you can't resist peeking! Thanks everyone for your patience, and enjoy the gifts behind door #18:

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